In 2017, accusations against film producer Harvey Weinstein, and the #TimesUp movement this gave rise to, shone a spotlight on bullying and harassment in the film and TV industries, and raised important questions about conduct and consequences. It is vital that production companies take bullying and harassment seriously, and have procedures in place for when reports are made.

Below are some best practice resources for production companies and those working in the film and TV sector, as well as links to further information and guidance.

Pact Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy template

It is good practice to have an Anti-Harassment and Bullying Policy, which acts as a declaration that your company is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals, clients and the public are treated with dignity and respect. It should include information about what constitutes bullying and harassment, and how those who come forward with a claim of bullying or harassment will be protected and supported.

Pact has created an Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy template which members can download from the Pact Resource Library, here.

BFI Principles and Guidance for the Screen Industries

In February 2018, the British Film Institute (BFI) in partnership with BAFTA published a set of principles and zero-tolerance guidance on bullying and harassment in the workplace.
They were the first set of principles and guidance to tackle bullying and harassment specifically tailored to the screen industries, and were developed with input from organisations and individuals across the film, TV and games industries, including Pact.
The set of eight principles cover a shared responsibility to respect others, adopt a zero tolerance approach to bullying and harassment, adhere to the laws around equality and health and safety, protect victims and witnesses, respect confidentiality, ensure that rigorous processes are in place for reporting, and underline the value of inclusivity.
The principles can be viewed in full here.
The guidance can be viewed in full here.

Film and Television Charity Support Line

Shortly after the Principles and Guidance were published by the BFI, the Film and Television Charity opened a support line for those working in the film and TV industries. It's free to call and they have a trained team with whom callers can confidentially discuss their situation - whether they are being bullied or you have witnessed someone they work with being bullied.

The number is 0800 054 0000, and more information can be found here.

In addition, further information and resources to help you identify and address bullying and sexual harassment can be found through the below links:
David Schwimmer’s Sexual Harassment Series
Five short film illustrating different form of sexual harassment.
Time’s up short film on sexual harassment in the workplace

Tea & Consent
A short film about consent from Thames Valley Police
Information about sexual harassment from ACAS, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service.
Workplace Bullying
A short and informative animation about what workplace bullying is, its impact and how it can be dealt with.
Workplace Bullying Institute
Provides help, targets and employer solutions.