If you are selected, you will undertake a six-month paid placement with an independent production company, allowing you to develop your talents in a thriving business environment. In addition, each participant is partnered with a senior-level mentor from within their company, and receives bespoke training from the Indie Training Fund in areas such as copyright, storytelling and camera operating. Although the Scheme is designed to be a way into TV, it also aims to equip trainees with the tools and know-how to sustain a career in what we all know is a very competitive environment, and we are proud that 77% of our trainees to date are still working in the TV sector.

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What would I be doing on the Scheme?

This scheme offers a first step into the television industry.

It won’t always be glamorous, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to kickstart your career.

You’ll be asked to do everything from getting teas to delivering props. With every task you will be gaining an incredible insight into how television works – and where you might fit into the industry.

Roles as runners usually lead you into the industry in two directions -- by reading the accompanying job descriptions, you can learn about what you might progress onto:

What will I get paid?

You will get the London Living Wage (currently £10.75 per hour)

How long is the contract?

The contract is for six months.

What training is on offer?

You’ll have a full programme of training, normally on a Saturday throughout the six months which will teach you everything you need to know to build a career in television production.


The independent production companies that participated in the 2019 edition of the Scheme were: