BAFTA - Succeeding in Film, TV and Games - Career progression and the keys to sustained emploment for individuals from under-represented groups.
First published: 2017

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First published: October 2016

Creative Diversity Network - Diversity Monitoring: The Top TV Programmes
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First published: May 2016

Creative skillset - Employment Survey
First published: 2015

Creative Industries Federation - Creative Diversity - The state of diversity in the UK’s creative industries, and what we can do about it
First published: September 2015

Directors UK - Adjusting the Colour Balance 
First published: November 2015

Directors UK - Cut Out Of The Picture, by Stephen Follows
First published: May 2016

Directors UK - Women Directors – Who’s Calling the Shots?
First published: May 2014

Equality and Human Rights Commission - Equality Act 2010
First published: 2010

Equality and Human Rights Commission - Equality Act 2010 (EASY READ VERSION)
First published: 2010

Equality and Human Rights Commission - Healing a Divided Britain: The Need for a Comprehensive Race Equality Strategy
First published: August 2016

Equality and Human Rights Commission - Thinking Outside the Box
First published: August 2015

Gateways to the Professions Collaborative Forum - Common Best Practice for High-Quality Internships
First published: 2013

Institute for Diversity and Empowerment at Annenberg - Comprehensive Annenberg Report on Diversity in Entertainment
First published: February 2016

Ofcom - Ethnic Minority Groups and Communication Services
First published: August 2013