Why create a Diversity and Inclusion strategy? Sameness can be dangerous. It can lead to blindspots, group-thinking and missed opportunities. Diversity is an ingredient of creative output but it doesn’t just happen. We need to proactively factor it into our decision making, especially in terms of recruitment, promotion, retention and interaction with clients and stakeholders. A strategy can make a concept that appears nebulous and abstract, concrete and tangible.
Stephen Frost - Diversity and Inclusion leadership 

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Stephen Frost
Leading Diversity Strategist, Frost Included
Stephen Frost is a leading diversity strategist who designed, led and implemented the inclusion programmes for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games. Stephen has worked for KPMG and serves as an advisor to the British Government,
The White House and Buckingham Palace. From theory to actions this workshop will help you design an inclusive leadership strategy.

Inclusive Talent Management
How Business can Thrive in an Age of Diversity Stephen Frost, Danny Kalman
July 2016

Brook Graham Limited
Brook Graham specialise in the strategic management of Diversity and Inclusion in global companies. Clients include leading-edge, multinational corporations for whom they have worked on a very broad range of Diversity and Inclusion projects and assignments in many countries around the world. They also provide Unconscious bias training.

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